Fairview Mall Chinese New Year Celebration | Toronto, ON
Holt Renfrew Chinese New Year Display | Toronto, ON
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Links of London Chinese New Year Promotion | Toronto, ON
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At Sensu, there are two things that define who we are, what we do and the philosophy we believe in and that is to empower brands and embrace diversity.

Our vision is to build authentic brands for chinese markets worldwide. We believe that an authentic brand will empower our clients to be globally competitive and will drive sustainable business performance.

Our perspective on multicultural marketing

Brands will not be able to compete in the global marketplace of today if they do not have experience with multicultural consumer groups

We have a very visionary understanding of multicultural marketing and its role in today's marketplace.

Multicultural marketing is about recognizing the power that culture can have on consumer behaviour. It is about leveraging cultural differences and similarities to shape the strategies that govern your organization, its business activities and best practices. It is a disciplined approach to streamline your marketing process to targeted segments of the market of whom is culturally influenced in the way that they learn about and consume products and services.

Multicultural marketing is the future. It is about being relevant and being sustainable.