Designer Sale (Summer)


Holt Renfrew


Holt Renfrew

Target: Affluent Chinese

Market: Toronto & Vancouver


  • To promote designer sale campaign
  • To build awareness and preference for Holt Renfrew
  • To increase in-store traffic, gain new customers, and increase spending per customer


With our cultural understanding of the targeted Chinese consumer, we were able to identify the path to purchase for each segment and leverage these insights in our media strategy. We intersected and connected at relevant touchpoints with an intriguing consumer message using a “social, local and mobile approach” infused with online advertising

  • Social: Leveraged Sina Weibo and local community forums
  • Local: Connected with consumers at targeted high-end hair salons and resto-lounges in the Greater Toronto Area via exclusive Community Media Network
  • Mobile: Integrating QR codes into local marketing collateral to bridge offline to online
  • Digital: Flash banner ads on Chinese sites to generate awareness and drive click-through to the first-ever Chinese Landing Page within the domain


  • Sensu targeted FSAs represent 45.3% of all in-store traffic in ON and BC during campaign period
  • Sensu targeted FSAs represent 51.7% of total sales in ON and BC during campaign period
  • 7.7% lift in average spend (Sensu vs. Non-Sensu target groups)
  • 2.7% lift in total customers between campaign period
  • Overall click-through rate of 0.22% in which social media drove 45% of all web traffic
  • Key message amplified 5.1 times
  • Media ROI = 640%; Overall ROI = 221% (for every dollar spent with Sensu, Holts gained $6.40 and $2.21 as incremental revenue)